Marketing & Localization in China


The Chinese market is eMarketing aircraft in Chinavolving rapidly and new ways of marketing are constantly being created. XL China’s marketing professionals have experience in the Chinese aviation industry and keep up with the latest marketing trends, so they can help you break into or improve your position in the Chinese market. Our media resources include the leading Chinese inter-regional aviation website and one of the founding and directing member organizations of the China Aviation Media Network Alliance (CAMNA).


In order to succeed in China, products and presentation must be adapted to satisfy local requirements and to meet local expectations. Our experts know how to make your business speak to the needs and aspirations of your Chinese customers.

   Market LocalizationLocalization and Translation for China Success

  • Market entry and integration, taking into account such as things as cultural differences and local laws and regulations.

   Talent Localization

  • Recruitment of local aviation professionals to ensure long-term development and local and corporate diversity.

   Website Localization

  • More than just translating an existing website, this means building a corporate website that works for China.

   Product Localization

  • Ensuring successful integration of product or service into the local market will require such activities as software localization, and translation of manuals and specifications.