Chinese Certification (CAAC)

XL Aviation China has the connections, experience, technical expertise and understanding of relevant CAAC regulations to guide you efficiently through various certification and approval processes.

CAAC Website

China Civil Aviation Regulations

A full list of CCARs is available in Chinese here.

Aircraft Certification

Approved Civil Aviation Products & Parts

AC-21-AA-2016-10R15 – Catalog of Approved Civil Aviation Products and Parts

MRO Certification

Flight Training and Licensing

Foreign pilot application for China pilot’s license

Other Links

AP-21-AA-2015-40 – Aircraft Used for Competition and Exhibitions: Special Flight Permit Issuance and Administrative Procedures
AP-21-AA-2009-19 – Validation Procedures for U.S. Civil Aviation Products and TSO Articles
Civil Aviation ADS-B Implementation Procedures
CCAR 129 Application Guidance

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