China Market Research & Intelligence

It is an exciting time to be involved in the aviation business in China, and there is great need and opportunity for foreign enterprises with proven products and services in the China aviation market.

However, enterprises with little or no experience in China find it to be a perplexing, even daunting, place in which to get started. What’s needed is someone to hold open the door by providing market intelligence, connections, and recommendations on those first steps.

XL Aviation’s bilingual aviation experts and researchers are embedded in the China aviation scene and are able to tap personal and professional contacts, news and articles, trade shows and forums, and many other sources, in both Chinese and English, to obtain the relevant market data and intel. We then process and analyze the information to produce crisp and readable reports which are tailored to the needs of our clients, complete with a recommended strategic plan for moving forward into the market.

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  • Bilingual Chinese and foreign aviation experts, researchers and analysts.
  • Information and intelligence from numerous contacts and sources.
  • Crisp and readable reports tailored to the needs of the client.
  • Analysis and conclusions lead into recommended strategic plan.

Thank you, XL Consulting, for producing such a substantive and affordable research report on the Chinese market.  Most impressive was how your report seemed like it had been made by a long time employee, knowledgeable of our business and needs.  Your timely, rapid, thorough, and high-quality report will be invaluable to our strategic planning efforts. – LifePort Inc. / Enflite