Booht number, company name and category listed by country as at September 28, 2016.


H9A27 AVALON 2017 Aerospace Australia Limited Exhibition Organizer


H5B4 Austrian Industrial Cooperation & Aviation Technology Government/Trade Association
H5B4 AMST-Systemtechnik GmbH Flight Training
H5B4 Austrian Federal Economic Chamber Government/Trade Association
H5B4 Böhler Edelstahl GmbH & CO KG Metals & Treatment
H5B4 MCE GmbH Jigs & Tools, Assembly Lines, Equipment Lines
H5B4 Schiebel Elektronische Geräte GmbH CAMCOPTER 5-100


H9C10-1 SONACA SA Aerospace Structures, Composite Structures


H4B1-2 Embraer S.A. Aircraft Manufacturing


H5G6 Airborne Engines Ltd. Gas Turbine Engines/ Helicopter Engines
H5G6 Aversan Inc Avionics
H5G6 BDC Aircraft Design/Manufacture
H4C3 Bombardier Aircraft Manufacture
H5G6 British Columbia Institute of Technology Consulting/Research
H5G6 Canwest Aerospace AMO, MRO services and training, Aircraft Parts
H5G6 CaseBank Technologies Diagnostics & Troubleshooting Solutions
H5G6 Celestica Electronic Products & Systems
H5G6 Chinook Helicoptors Flight Training
H5G6 Consulate General of Canada in Guangzhou Government/Trade Association
H5G6 Firan Technology Group printed circuit boards,flight deck switch panels
H5G6 FlightPath International training solutions and operational support
H5G6 Gas Tops Ltd equipment health management solutions
H5G8 HELI-ONE Canada ULC Helicopter MRO
H5G6 Lake Central Air Services monitoring equipment
H5G6 Langley Flying School  Private Pilot Program
H5G6 Montair Flight and Pilot Training
H5G6 Pelesys Learning Systems training and learning management solutions
H5G6 Prince George Airport Authority Government/Trade Association
H5G6 Quebec Government Office in Shanghai Government/Trade Association
H5G6 Virtek Vision International laser templating & laser inspection technology


H9A22 FIDAE Exhibition Organizer


H5D2 Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic air traffic management/systems
H5D2 CS SOFT a.s. air traffic management/systems
H5D2 Czech Trade Promotion Agency Government/Trade Association
H5D2 F AIR Ltd. Benešov Airport Flight training
H5D2 Light Aircraft Association of the Czech Republic Government/Trade Association
H5D2 PBS-První brněnská strojírna Velká Bíteš, a. s. Turbojet engines
H5D2 Wanfeng Auto Holding Group Co. Aircraft and parts design, manufacture and sales


H4D2-1A ADR Bearings
H4D1-1B AERO EQUIPEMENT SAS aerospace materials
H4D2-1C AHE SASU Fasteners & Hardware
H4D1-1C AIPOPS(FINAERO) composite panels
Chalet A1-A2
AIRBUS GROUP Civil & military  aircraft,helicopters
H3E3-4 ATR Aircraft Manufacture
H4D2-2E AUBERT ET DUVAL special metals/alloy
H4D2-2F Bollore Logistics China Co., Ltd Logistics
H3E3-1 CFM International Engines
H4D2-1D CHATAL processing, assembling, surface treatment
H4D2-1B CLEMESSY test equipment & Production line
H3E3-5 Dassault Systèmes Aerial 3DExperience
H4D1-2B DEDIENNE AEROSPACE aerospace maintenance tooling,ground support
H4D2-1D DEFONTAINE Flash butt welded rings, Machined rings, Casings  for aero engines
H4D2-1D Exxelia Electromechanical systems
H4D2-1D GIFAS Government/Trade Association
H4D2-2B HUTCHINSON Aeroequipment
H4D2-2D Lameco (Shanghai) Industry Technology Co., Ltd. LAMINATED SHIMS
H3D1 Liebherr-Aerospace & Transportation SAS Flight Control and Actuation Systems, Landing Gear and Air Management Systems
H4A6 LMB Aerospace Asia Pacific PET.LTD fans & motors
H5A5 LPKF (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. electonics
H4D2-1D MAPAERO Coatings and finishes
H4D2-2C NEXEYA Simulations and validation means, Software, on board Electronic equipment
H9C9 Nicomatic CMM DMM connectors
H4D2-1D NOVINTEC Filters, valves, hydraulic reservoirs and actuators
H4D2-2A NTN-SNR Bearings Bearings and MRO
H4D2-1D NYCO lubricant
H4D2-1D PARIS AIR SHOW 2017 Exhibition Organizer
H4D2-1D PSD Aero PARIS ST DENIS AERO Metallurgical products
Chalet B7
Safran Aerospace, Defense and Security
H4D1-2C SAFT battery
H4D2-1D SAINT GOBAIN SULLY glass, door, windows
H3E2-3 Shanghai SAIFEI Aviation EWIS Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Aviation EWIS
H4D1-2A SKF AEROSPACE bearings,seal
H4C2-2 THALES Avionics,Training & simulation, Rada,In-Flight Entertainment
H4D1-1A ZODIAC AEROSPACE Aeronautical Equipment


Static Display AutoGyro China Gyroplane Products and Sales
H3C1 Buehler Motor GmbH Aviation Seat Adjustment System
H9A28 ILA Berlin Airshow Exhibition Organizer
H5B2-1 KNIPEX Tools (Shanghai)Co., Ltd Aero-manufacturing & MRO Tools
H5G7 Lufthansa Technik Aero Alzey Gmbh MRO (Engine and Original Parts)
H3C2 Northrop Grumman LITEF GmbH Attitude & Heading Reference Systems, Sensors
H3F5 Schaeffler Trading (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. Bearings


H3B1-1 Aluminiumwerk Unna AG Aluminium Tube
H3B1-1 AMAG rolling GmbH Structural Panels and components
H6F4-2 Champion Aviation Dynamic Technology (China) Co. Aircraft Components
H6F4-2 China Aircraft Services Limited Aircraft Operation
Static Display HONG KONG AVIATION CLUB LTD Government/Trade Association
H6F4-2 Hong Kong Aviation Industry Association Trade Association, Exhibition organization
H6F4-2 Hong Kong Business Aviation Centre Limited Service and Maintenance
H6F4-2 International Aviation Safety Limited Safety and Quality Assistance service
H3F2 JR-Tech (Guang Zhou) Co. Ltd/ Aerial Material
H3B1-1 OTTO FUCHS KG Forgings, Extrusions
H6F4-2 Sealtech Company Limited Plastic Products
H6F4-2 Spintec Precision Manufactory Limited Automotive Parts
H6F4-2 Sun Ah Electric Factory Limited Airborne Data Acquisition and recording system
H3F2 United Enterprise Group Limited Aerial material
H3B1-1 Voss Aviation & Motion Technology Ltd. Aviation product agent
H3B1-1 Weber Metals, Inc. Forgings, Extrusions
H9C4 York Technologies Ltd. Recording Data Acquisition System
H3B1-1 ZOLLERN GmbH & Co. KG Castings


H3F6 AceLabs Aerospace equipment/service
H3F6 AE Engineering SRLS Aerospace equipment/service
H3F6 Airport Engine Engineering Aerospace equipment/service
H3F6 BCUBE Aerospace equipment/service
H5A10 D.MARCHIORI SRL Atmospheric data test
H3F6 DAVI Aerospace equipment/service
H3F6 Delta Interior Design Aerospace equipment/service
H3F6 Elytron Aerospace equipment/service
H3F6 Esimple Aerospace equipment/service
H9C13 Fami (Shanghai) Storage Co. Ltd. Station equipment
H3F6 Genius Handling Aerospace equipment/service
H3F6 Ingersol Engineers Aerospace equipment/service
H3F6 Italian Aerospace Network Aerospace equipment/service
H5G5 LOGIC S.p.A. Rotor platform electronic equipment
H3F6 Neos Aerospace equipment/service
H3F6 NG Way Aerospace equipment/service
H3F6 SATOR Aerospace equipment/service
H3F6 Sorma Aerospace equipment/service
H3F6 T.P.S. Aerospace equipment/service
H3F6 TecknoMonster Aerospace equipment/service
H3F6 Xesa Systems Aerospace equipment/service
H3F6 Zoppas Industries Aerospace equipment/service


H3E2-2 COTEC Corporation Surface Treatment and Painting
H3E2-2 DnMA(Distribution and Manufacturing for Aerospace logistics/warehousing
H3E2-2 DongHwa A.C. M. Co., LTD Composite Materials tools
H3E2-2 Gyeongnam Technopark (GESCA) Marketing and Business Development)
H3E2-2 Jinyoung TBX Co., LTD Turbine Blade
H3E2-2 KATRA (Korea Aerospace Technology Research Association) Consulting/Research
H3E2-2 Kencoa Aerospace Corporation Aircraft parts/assembly
H3E2-2 KITECH (Korea Institute of Industrial Technology) Consulting/Research
H3E2-2 Korea Aerospace Industries Association (KAIA) Government/Trade Association
H3E2-2 SAC (Sacheon Aerospace Cluster) Government/Trade Association


H9A26 FAMEX Exhibition Organizer


H3F3 ADSE Consultancy & Engineering Services
H3F3 DNW Wind tunnel testing
H3F3 GKN/ Fokker Technologies Aerostructures, Electrical Wiring Interconnection Systems, Landing Gear Systems
H3F3 KVE Composite
H3F3 NAG Government/Trade Association
H3F3 NLR Air Traffic Control/Products/Systems, Avionic Equipment/Systems
H3F3 Straaltechniek International Surface treatment
H3F3 Ten Cate composites


H4D1-3 Air New Zealand Aviation Institute Flight  Training
H4D1-3 Ardmore Flying School Flight  Training
H4D1-3 Aspeq Examination unit
H4D1-3 Aviation New Zealand Government/Trade Association
H4D1-3 CTC Aviation Flight  Training
H4D1-3 Eagle Flight Training Flight  Training
H4D1-3 Flightcell International Satellite Communication System
H4D1-3 Gallagher Security Management
H4D1-3 HeliSolutions Helicopter Operations
H4D1-3 Massey University – School of Aviation Flight  Training
H4D1-3 MetraWeather Meteorological service
H4D1-3 Nelson Aviation College Flight  Training
H4D1-3 New Zealand International Commercial Pilot Academy Flight  Training
H4D1-3 New Zealand Trade and Enterprise Government/Trade Association
H4D1-3 Oceania Aviation Air sales and technical support
H4D1-3 Pacific Aerospace Ltd Aircraft Manufacture
H4D1-3 Private Flight Global Flight management
H4D1-3 Spider Track Limited satellite-based real-time
aircraft tracking and management


H9A8 A4 Press Publishing House Media/Publication
H9A11 Aeromedia Publishing House Ltd/Take-off Magazine Media/Publication
H5C1-2 Aeropribor Voskhod JS Air data equipment, safety and life support systems
H5F4-1 Aerosila SPE JSC APU, gas turbine engines, air propellers
H9A7 Aerospace Review Magazine Media & Publication
H5C2-1A Almaz – Antey Air and Space Defence Corporation, Joint Stock Company Air defense and anti-missile systems, radars & control systems
H5C1-2 Aviaavtomatika named after V. Tarasov JSC Avionics
H5B1-2 Aviaexport Aircraft、equipment and parts export
H9B1 AVIAHELP LTD aviation spares and repair management service
H9A10 AVIASALON/MAKS Exhibition Organizer
H9A9 Aviation & Sport media&publication
H5F4-2 Aviazapchast PLC Aircraft parts,MRO,metals and alloy,flight & technical training
H4B3-1/Chalet A7-A9 Beriev Aircraft Company Aircraft Manufacture
H5C2-2 Central AeroHydrodynamic Institute named after Prof. N.E. Zhukovsky (TsAGI}-EPAC Consulting/Research
H5C2-2 Central Institute of Aviation Motors named after P.I. Baranov-EPAC Consulting/Research
H5B1-1 ELECTROSTAL Metallurgical Plant JSC special metals/alloy
H5F4-1 EPO Signal Ltd Sensors
H5C2-2 Eurasian Partnership of Aerospace Clusters(EPAC) Consulting/Research
H4B3-1  /Chalet A7-A9 ILYUSHIN Aviation Complex Aircraft Manufacture
H5B1-2 Ingosstrakh Insurance Company Insurance
H4B3-1  /Chalet A7-A9 IRKUT Corporation Aircraft Manufacture
H5C1-2 JSC Aerospace Equipment Corporation Helicopters components, simulators
H5F4-1 JSC Aviation Corporation Rubin Landing gears
hydraulic system,generators
H5F4-1 JSC Gavrilov-Yam Machine-Building Plant AGAT fuel-regulation equipment, gas-turbine installation
H5F4-1 JSC High Technology aircraft engines and hydraulic systems
H5C1-2 JSC KRET Avionics, operational and tactical systems
H5C1-2 JSC NII Ekran electronic equipment
H5F4-1 JSC NPO Nauka A/C systems
cabin pressure control systems
H5C1-2 JSC Ramenskoye Design Company Avionics
Chalet A10
JSC Rosoboronexport Military and dual-purpose products, technologies and services
H5B1-4 JSC RTI Defense/Security/Communication
H5C1-1B/Chalet  A17-A18 JSC Russian Helicopters Helicoptors Manufacture
H5C2-1B JSC Shvabe precision sighting systems, optical surveillance systems
H5C2-1C JSC State Machine Building Design Bureau Vympel  by name I.I. Toropov-TMC Aircraft armament
H4B3-1  /Chalet A7-A9 JSC Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Aircraft Manufacture
H5F4-1 Kristall Design Bureau Aircraft and Engine equipment (fuel pumps, IDG, RAT)
H5C1-2 Moscow Institute of Electromechanics and Automatics PJSC (MIEA) automatic control systems, flight management systems
H5C2-2 National Research Center Zhukovsky Institute Consulting/Research
H5F4-1 Open Joint Stock Company Scientific and Production Association «Rodina» AIRCRAFT INDUSTRY
H5C1-2 Phazotron-NIIR Corporation airborne radars
H5C1-2 Public Company Techpribor (PC Techpribor) airborne equipment & avionics
H5F4-1 Public Joint Stock Company “Agregat” Products of aviation technical purposes
H5C1-2 Ramensky  Instrument Plant Avionics
H5C2-2 Reshetnev Company Satellites,communications,navigation and geodesy
H5C3 Roscosmos Aerospace Institute
H5B1-3 ROSTEC State Corporation Automotive,aircraft,engine manufacturing,metallurgy,composite materials;
H5C2-2 State Scientific Centre of Russian Federation State Research Institute of Aviation Systems (GosNllAS) Consulting/Research
H5C1-2 Stock Company Experimental design bureau Electroavtomatika Avionics and computer systems
H5C2-1C Stock Company State Research and Production-TMC Tactical Missiles
H4B3-1  /Chalet A7-A9 Sukhoi Aviation Holding Company Aircraft Manufacture
H5C2-1C TACTICAL  MISSILES  CORPORATION  JSC-TMC Missile Systems, Air-Launched Tactical weapons
H5E5 Technodinamika systems and components for aerospace industry
H4B3-1/Chalet A7-A9 United Aircraft Corporation(UAC) Aircraft Manufacture
H5C1-1A United Engine Corporation (UEC) Aerospace Propulsion/Aircraft  engines
H4B3-2A VSMPO AVISMA special metals/alloy


H3D2 Aleris Aluminium Rolled Products
Static Display Pilatus Aircraft China Aircraft Manufacture
H5F5 Sky-Helicopters.Co.Ltd. Navigation equipment


H6A14 Top Can Industrial Co., Ltd Aerospace&Space tools


N/A Media Transasia Thailand Ltd media&publication


H2C2-2 AIM Altitude Aircraft interior design and manufacturing
H5E2-10 AJ Water Integrated aircraft support services
H9C11 FLIGHTGLOBAL Media/Publication
H4A4 Ford Aerospace Ltd Aircraft standard parts
H3D4 GE Aviation Engines
H4A3 Pattonair Supply Chain Service
H4B1-1 Rolls-Royce Engines
H6A5 Supply Point Systems Logistics/warehousing


H2A2-2 ANTONOV Aircraft Manufacture
H9C10-2 ARSENAL Special Device Production State Enterprise Aerospace optics and optoelectronic devices
H2A2-5 FED,Public Joint Stock Company Aviation spare parts manufacturing
H2A2-4 Ivchenko-Progress SE Engine
H2A2-3 Motor Sich Jsc Engine, helicopter
H2A2-1 UKRSPECEXPORT State Company military and special-purpose products/services


H6A7 Aventure Aviation Ground Support Equipment, Aircraft Structural Parts
H3F4 Aviage Systems Civil Aircraft Avionics
H5F2-8 Avtrade Ltd. Aero Parts
H6A10 BAE Systems, Inc. Controls & Avionics
H5D5/Static Display Bell Helicopter Helicopter
H4D4 Boeing Company,The Aircraft Manufacture
H5E2-5 CBOL Corporation Aerospace service and products
H5F1 Cirrus Aircraft Aircraft Manufacture
H5E2-4B EDMO Distributors, Inc. Avionics test equipment
H5E3-2 ELGILOY SPECIATY METALS Specialty Metals & Alloys
H5F2-7 Frasca International, Inc. Flight Simulator
H5E3-1 GE Inspection & Control Technologies (Shanghai) Co. Aircraft Engines
H5E2-9 GGB Bearing Technology Bearings
A11-12/Static Display
Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation Aircraft Manufacture
H5F3-A Hartzell Propeller Inc. Propellers
H3F1 Hexcel Composites
H4C4 Honeywell Sensors, Avionics
H4A2 International Test Pilot School(ITPS) Flight Test Training
H5F3-F Kallman Worldwide Exhibition Organizer
H5F2-1 Kamatics RWG Bearings
H5G2 Kulite Sensors China, Inc. Sensors
H5F2-5 L-3 Aviation Products Aerospace Electronics
H3D3 Meggitt Control System Ducting
H5E2-2 Merlin Simulation Inc. Flight Simulators
H5F2-6 NQA, National Quality Assurance Certification
Static Display Pacifica LLC Aircraft Manufacture
H3E2-1 Parker Aerospace Airborne Systems, Parts
H5E2-8 PEI-Genesis China Connectors
H4A1 Pelican Products,Inc Protective Cases
H5E2-7 Piper Aircraft Inc Aircraft Manufacture
H5D1 Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Engine & Propulsion Systems
Static Display Progressive Aerodyne Navigation Industry Co., Ltd Aircraft Manufacture
H5F3-B Quantum Aviation Spare Parts Manufacturing
H6E1 Sikorsky, A Lockheed Martin Company Helicopter
H5E2-6 Simplex Aerospace Aviation Mission Equipment
H6F1-2 Snap-on Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Tools
H5G3 Stanleyworks(shanghai)Co Ltd.,The Tools & Storage, Cases
H5E3-2 Taber Extrusions Aluminium Extrusions
H5F3-D Tallamond Aeroparts supply
H5G1 TE Connectivity aero cables,connectors, relay
H5D5/Static Display Textron Aviation Aircraft Manufacture
H5F2-2 PCC Metals Group:TIMET & SMC titanium mill and melted products
H5E2-4A Tronair Inc. Ground Support Equipment
H5F2-8 Unical Aviation, Inc. aviation parts supply
H5F2-3 Universal Avionics Systems Corporation(UASC) Avionics/Flight Management System
H5F3-C USCS Government/Trade Association
H5E1 UTC Aerospace Systems Aerospace Systems
H9C7 WD-40 Company China lubricants
H5E2-1 Wheelabrator Group Ltd Surface treatment
H5E2-3 Whelen Aviation light
H5F2-4 Wipaire, Inc. Aircraft Manufacture/sales
H5E4 Z.Aerowings LLC Aircraft Manufacture/Sales