Booth number, company name and category, listed in alphabetical  order. Chinese government organizations and SEOs at end.

H9B9 Aero AT(Jiangsu) Aviation Industrial Co., Ltd Aircraft Manufacturing, Maintenance
H9B9 AeroJones Aviation Technology Co.,Ltd General Aviation
H6B4-2 Aero-Starloop High-tec Co., Ltd. UAV/Unmanned systems
H6D2 All-China-Times Aerospace Technology and Development Co.,Ltd UAV/Unmanned systems
H9B11 Alliance 3D Printing Technology Development(Shanghai) Co.,Ltd Metal 3D printing
H3B5 Ameco Beijing MRO
H6G2 Anhui Haery Aviation Power Co,Ltd Engine
H2D1 Anhui Yingliu Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. Helicopter&Engine
Static Display Apex Air Co. Ltd. General Aviation
H3A7 Armor China Co., Ltd Vehicle armor
H6B3 Autel Robotics UAV/Unmanned systems
H2C2-1 Avic International Holding (Zhuhai) Company Limited Aviation fasteners, integrated supply
Chalet  C-15 AVIC International Holding Corporation Trading
H2C2-1 AVIC International Trade & Economic Development Ltd. Consulting/engineering
H9C2 AVION LOGISTICS LIMITED/ HAWKER PACIFIC Aircraft materials and logistics
H6E1 Avion Pacific (Shenzhen) Limited General aviation solution
Static Display AX Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. General Aviation
H9C8 Axon Cable Connectors, wiring
H2D2 Beijing  Andawell  Science & Technology Co., Ltd. airborne measurement and control equipment
H9A5-7 Beijing Baideen Aviation Technology Development Company Aviation Technology products
H3B3 Beijing Bei Mo Gao Ke Friction Material Co.,Ltd Braking Systems
H9C1 Beijing BOE Special Display Technology Co., Ltd. LCD products
H9A1 Beijing CAMC Yanjing Auto Co.,Ltd airport equipment,missile
H6C4 Beijing Co-Century Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. UAV/Unmanned systems
H3A11 Beijing DL together Communication Technology Co., Ltd. Radio altimeters, indicator,tester
H3C4 Beijing Emerging Eastern Aviation Equipment Co., Ltd Servo systems, Airborne video systems
H6D3-1 Beijing FACCON UAV TECHNOLONGY UAV/Unmanned systems
H9A23 Beijing Flightwin Innovation technology Co.,Ltd. UAV/Unmanned systems
Chalet A3
Beijing General Aviation Co., Ltd. General Aviation
H3A8 Beijing GH United Co.,Ltd Aircraft& parts assembly,composite processing
H5A14 Beijing Golden Hitech Technical & Trading Co., Ltd Smoke Colorant
H6A9 Beijing Infotronix Technology Co., Ltd.  airborne data acquisition  instrument,UAV telemetry products
H3A4 Beijing JATO Machinery & Electrical Equipment Manufacture Co., Ltd. armor equipment,engineering vehicle, power source
H2D4-1 Beijing Moreget Creative Technology Co.,Ltd Flight Simulators
H6B5-2 Beijing Null-seal New Material Tech. CO., LTD low temperature sealing
H9A6-4 Beijing Quadrantspace Technology Co., Ltd UAV/Unmanned systems
H6C2 Beijing Richen Aviation Engine Ltd. UAV/Unmanned systems
H9A4 Beijing Sifang Automation Co., Ltd. UAV/Unmanned systems
H3B2 Beijing Symbol of Power Technology Development Co., Ltd target missile system
H3A9 Beijing WAEVT Industrial Endoscope Company Limited Industrial visual endoscope
H9A17 Beijing Wingman General Aviation Technology Ltd. Flight Simulators
H9C6 BeiJing Winhye Technology Co.Ltd UAV/Unmanned systems
H5B6-1 Beijing Yugao Aviation Group General Aviation
H6B1 Beijing ZHZ Tech Co., Ltd. UAV/Unmanned systems
H3E3-2 Capital Jet Company Co., Ltd. General Aviation
H9B9 Changzhou Airport Industrial Park Government/Trade Association
H6G3 Chengdu Aerospace Superalloy Technology Co.,Ltd Engine parts
H3B5 Chengdu Falcon Aircraft Engineering Service MRO
H5A12 Chengdu Hermes Technology Co., Ltd Defense/avionics
H9C20 Chengdu Pauly International Trade & Technology Co., Ltd Avionics/communications/ navigation/satellite
H9C19 Chengdu WINWING Tech Co., LTD Flight simulator
H5A12 Chengdu ZR Aerospace system Co., Ltd avionics/systems
H9A5-18 China Aero Shuangxing Technology Co.,Ltd UAV/Unmanned systems
China Aerospace Long-March International Co., Ltd UAV/Unmanned systems
H5B5 China Aviation Industrial Base Aviation Park
H9A2 China Aviation Publishing & Media Co., Ltd. Media/Publication
H9A5-17 China Bluestar Chengrand Chemical Co,Ltd Consulting/Research
H11 China Emergency Response Alliance(CERA) Emergency rescue and military equipment
H9B10 China HEAD Aerospace Technology Co. Satellite communication/trade
Chalet  C-15 China National Aero- Technology Import & Export Corporation Trading
H3B1-2 China National Erzhong Group Deyang Wanhang Die Forging Co., Ltd aerospace forgings
China National Precision Machinery Import & Export Corporation (CPMIEC) Aero-equipment import/export
H2B2 Chongqing General Aviation Industry Group Co., Ltd. Helicopter
H5G4 Chongqing Hui Di Aviation Equipment Co., Ltd Navigation systems, airborne equipment,integrated avionics
H9A5-8 CHVER (YANGZHOU)Tech co.,Ltd Electromechanical/sensors
H2D3 CITIC Offshore Helicopter Co., Ltd Helicopter Operation
SW03 Collective Wisdom Technology Co.,Ltd. UAV/Unmanned systems
H2B1 Continental Motors Group Engines
H5G12 Creaform 3D measuring machine
H5A1 Dalian C&L Technology Development Co., Ltd Aviation clamps, special materials application
H2B4 DEA General Aviation Holding Company General Aviation
H5B3 Desoutter Tools Assembly Tools
H3A12 DEWAL Industrial Materials (Shanghai) Co, Ltd. Tape
H6C6 DeyangYuxin Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd Engine parts
H4D3 Dong Feng Off-road Vehicle Co., Ltd automobile
H9C5 Dongguan Greenway battery Co., Ltd Power Source/Battery
H6F4-1 Dornier Seaplane Company UAV/Unmanned systems
H6C5 EFY Intelligent Control (Tianjin) Technology Co., Ltd UAV/Unmanned systems
H9C16 ERA Spread Limited avionics computers,MEMS units
H6A12 EVE Energy Co., Ltd Power source/Lithium battery
H6B2 EWATT Technology Co., Ltd. UAV/Unmanned systems
H9B9 Fesher Aviation Components(Zhenjiang) Company Limited Aircraft parts
Static Display Flying Tigers (Beijing) General Aviation Co., Ltd General Aviation
H5G9 General Aviation Services of Hunan (GAS) Aircraft Sales,maintenance
H5B2-2 Guangdong HESH Automation Technology Co., Ltd deburring polishing machines
Static Display Guangdong Xiang Tai General Aviation Co., Ltd General Aviation
H3D5 Guangzhou Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Co., Ltd airport equipment,MRO
H6H5 GUANYI AVIATION CO., LTD General Aviation
H5A8 Guiyang Baiyun Air Fastener Co., Ltd standard parts,fastener
H6A3 Guizhou Aviation Technical Development Co., Ltd forgings
Static Display Hainan Airlines Airline/Transportation
H9A21 Hang Li Data System Engineering Ltd Media/Data Service
Static Display Hangzhou nicewing  science & technology compan Electronic &Machinic system.Genenal aviation
H9A5-6 Harbin Electric Carbon Factory Chemicals/composites
H2C4 Harbin Wright Bros Science&Tech Co., Ltd Flight Simulators
H6F2-2 HENGYU Datacom Technology Development Co.,Ltd Avionics/navigation/indicator
H9B9 HighFly Aviation Development Group (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd General Aviation
H9B9 Hiller Aviation Industry Company Helicopter
H9B9 Hiwing Materials Co.,Ltd. Chemical/composite
H6D3-2 HNA General Aviation Industrial Group Co., LTD General Aviation
H5E7 Hua Ou Precision Machinery  Precision Machinery
H9A5-9 Hunan Botai Aeronautical Materials Co. Ltd aluminum alloy castings
Static Display Hunan Rotorway Helicopter Science And Technology Development Co., Ltd General Aviation
Static Display Hunan Sunward science and technology Co. General Aviation
H9A5-11 Institute of Atmospheric Physics,Chinese Academy of Sciences Consulting/Research
H9A5-10 Institute of Electronics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Consulting/Research
H9C3 Intelligent Detection Systems (Wuhan) Co. Ltd MRO
H9B9 Jiangsu Dalu Aviation Industry Development Co., Ltd Airport equipment/development
H9B9 Jiangsu Hanxing General Aviation Co., Ltd. General Aviation
H9A3 Jiangsu Henghang Hydraulic Technology Co.,Ltd Hydraulic systems
H6A15 Jiangsu JinQiuZhu Group Hangar door
H9B9 Jiangsu Single Crystal Material Technology Co., LTD Special Material
H9B9 Jiangsu Yifan Aero Sci. & Tech. Co. Ltd. Aircraft parts
Static Display Jiangxi Haoxing General Aviation Technology General Aviation
H9A5-19 Jiangxi Tellhow Military Industry Group Co., Ltd . Communications, radar,navigation
H9A5-17 Jinxi Research Institute of Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. (JRICI) Consulting/Research
Static Display Jinggong General Aviation Co., Ltd. General Aviation
H9A5-17 Jinxi Research Institute of Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. (JRICI) Consulting/Research
H6H2 Jiu Cheng General Aviation Design & Manufacture (Dalian) Ltd. Aircraft Design/Manufacture
H9B9 JSCD Government/Trade Association
H9C14 KeChuang Space Academy Satellite communication/system
H6H6 Kilter Exploration Technologies CO.,LTD. Chemicals/composite
H5A4 Kingsignal Technology Co., Ltd Coaxial cables, connectors and accessories, optical fiber
H2A2-6 KuangChi Science Limited Aerospace intelligent equipment
H3C3 LandSpace Technology Co., LTD Commercial launcher
H9A5-4 Langfang Chinese Model Special Equipment Co., Ltd Special equipment
H2B5 Leonardo Helicopters General Aviation
H9C17 Liaoning Dongying Aviation Equipment Science And Technology Co., Ltd Aircraft arresting equipment
Static Display Liaoning General Aviation Academy General Aviation
H9A6-1 Liaoning United-air ShenYan Aircraft Company (LUSY) General Aviation
H6A4 Lincos Tech Co.,Ltd. Avionics
H5B7-1 Luoyang Bearing Science & Technology Co., Ltd Bearings
H5B7-2 Luoyang LYC Bearing Co., Ltd Bearings
H6F3-2 MT Microsystems Co., Ltd. Electromachanic systems,sensors
H3C7 MTU Maintenance Zhuhai Co., Ltd MRO(Engine)
H3E2-4 Nexans (China) Wires & Cables Co., Ltd. Cables
H9B9 New United Aerospace Holdings,Ltd Government/Trade Association
Chalet A4
Ningbo Xingjian Space Machinery Co., Ltd Hydropneumatic equipment,pipeline sets
H9A5-17 Northwest Rubber & Plastics Research & Design Institute Co., Ltd Consulting/Research
H5B2-3 Ocean’s King Lighting Science & Technology Co., Ltd Aerial Lighting
H9C21 Oriental Bluesky Titanium Technology Co., Ltd (OBTC) Fasteners & structural parts
Static Display Oxai Aircraft co., LTD. Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing
Static Display Panjin Sinoaustral Aviation Technology General Aviation
H6H1 Peiport Group Engine
H5D3 Petrel Airlines/Petrel General Aviation General Aviation
H9B4 Qingdao Jiutian International Flight Academy Flight Training
H9A18-2 Raxro Aerospace Company UAV/Unmanned systems
Static Display Red Diamond Aviation General Aviation
H5D3 Reignwood Asia Aviation (Beijing) Ltd. General Aviation
H5D3 Reignwood Aviation Group General Aviation
H5D3 Reignwood Star General Aviation General Aviation
H5B6-2 ROLLVIS SA Roller screws
H6A1 Seed Technologies Corp., Ltd. Metal structureparts
H9A5-2 Seven Dimension Information UAV/Unmanned systems
H5A3 Shaanxi Lantai Aviation Equipment Co., Ltd Cabon/Cabon composite brake
H5B6-1 Shandong BinAo Aircraft Industries Co., Ltd. General Aviation
H6H7 Shanghai Aviation Electric Co., Ltd Aero lighting and aero electrical units
H9A5-14 Shanghai Engineering Center for Microsatellites Consulting/Research
H3A2 Shanghai ENSURE Automation Technology Co.,Ltd Automation control and servo systems
H9A5-12 Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences Consulting/Research
H2B5 Shanghai Kingwing General Aviation Co.,Ltd. General Aviation
H6A8 Shanghai Plastics Research Institute Co.,Ltd. Chemicals/composites
H9B5 Shanghai Shangshi Energy Technology Co.,Ltd Power generation and high-speed turbine
H9B2 Shanghai Silk Wings Aviation Airborne equipment, aviation training, material
H3A10 Shanghai Simon Metal Co., Ltd Aeronautical metal
H6C3 Shanghai UVS Intelligence System Co., Ltd UAV/Unmanned systems
H2B5 Shanghai Zenisun Investment Group Co., Ltd. General Aviation
H5C4 Shanxi Kotel Micro Technique Co., Ltd Military data service, target testing equipment
H5A6 Shanxi Zhidian Technology Co., Ltd Aviation Ground testing equipment
H5A13 Shenyang Avias Aviation Maintenance Engineering Co., Ltd. MRO
H3A3 Shenyang Baotong Aviation Electromechanical Co., Ltd. Hangar doors
H9A5-13 Shenyang Institute of Automation Chinese Academy of Sciences Consulting/Research
H6D1 Shenzhen AEE AVIATION TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD UAV/Unmanned systems
H6G4 Shenzhen Art-Tech R/C Hobby Co., Ltd UAV/Unmanned systems
Static Display Shenzhen Celier General Aviation Ltd. General Aviation
H9A16 SHENZHEN HISPEED BOATS TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD high performance fast boats
H6F3-1 Shenzhen Topcast Import & Export Co., Ltd. Aircraft parts
H3A5 Siait Cable airport equipment/cable
H9B7 SICC Material Co., Ltd Power source/batteray system
H9A29 Sichuan AOSSCI Technology Co., Ltd UAV/Unmanned systems
H2C3 Sichuan Flight Huaji Automobile Technology Development Co.,Ltd Aircraft Manufacturing
H3C6 Sichuan Haite High-Tech Co., Ltd MRO/Training/Charter
H3B5 Sichuan Services Aero- engine Maintenance Company MRO(Engine)
H9A5-5 Sichuan ZZ Technology Co., Ltd. Aviation field and environmental protection
H6F2-1 SINO COMPOSITE CO., LTD. chemical/composite
H3A6 Sino-German Light Aircraft Co., Ltd. light aircraft
H9C5 Sinoking China Real Estate/Energy
H2B5 Sino-US Intercontinental Helicopter Investment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. General Aviation
H9B9 Skyview Aircraft Industry(Jiangsu)Co.,Ltd. Aircraft Sales
H5A15 Smartstone Tech Sensors
H6H3 Suhner (Suzhou) Industrial Technology Ltd. surface treatment/processing
H2D4-2 Sunhawk auto-gyroplane
H3A1 Supmil Culture Media Co., Ltd Media/Data Service
H6H4 Suzhou Meide Aviation & Aerospace material Co., Ltd special metals/alloy
H9A5-15 TSC Laser Technology Development(Beijing) Co., Ltd Metal 3D printing
H5A7 TW Metals (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. Aviation metals
H9A24 VariFlight/Friends fly Network Limited Flight Data Management
H6B5-3 Volitation Innovations(Beijing)Science and Technology Co.,Ltd UAV/Unmanned systems
H6D2 Weihai Guang Tai Airport Equipment Co., Ltd. UAV/Unmanned systems
H3B1-3 Wellking Electronics Co., (Xi’an) Ltd. high reliability electic components
H6A11 WLZ Smart Quality Unit Media/Data Service
H9C18 Wuxi Hengtai Areospace Co.,td aerial aluminum
H9B6 Xcet Electronic Electromechanical/sensors
H6A13 Xiamen Huituo Animation Technology Co,.Ltd Flight Simulator
H9A5-16 Xiamen Limbach Aircraft Engine Co.,Ltd. Aircraft engine
H6A16 Xi’an ALA Technology Co., Ltd fatigue resistance technology products
H3C5 Xi’an Bright Laser Technologies Co., LTD Metal 3D printing
H6C7 Xi’an Tianhe Defense Technology Co., LTD Defense/Security/Communication
H9C15 Xi’an Tianyuan Electro-Optical Technology Co., Ltd Defense/Combat system
11号馆 Xinxing Cathay International Group Co., Ltd. Emergency rescue and military equipment
H2C1 Yanxiang Aero-Technology(Shanghai) Limited General Aviation
H5D3 Yunnan General Aviation Co.,Ltd General Aviation
H2B5 Zenisun Heliport Investment Co.,Ltd. General Aviation
H5A9 Zhejiang JIULI Hi-Tech Metals Co., Ltd stainless steel and special alloy pipes / tubes
H9A5-3 Zhejiang University Consulting/Research
SW05 Zhejiang Xibeihu Special Vehicle Co., Ltd Amphibious all-terrain vehicle
H6H8 Zhejiang Xizi Aviation Industry CO.,LTD aerial parts
H6A6 Zhengzhou Chenway Technology Co.,Ltd precision  metrology systems
Static Display Zhengzhou Neptune Industrial Co., Ltd Aircraft Manufacturing
H5D4 Zhengzhou Soaring Aviation Corporation/ Mooney International Corporation Aircraft Manufacturing
H9B9 Zhenjiang New Area Aviation&Aerospace Industrial Park Administrative Committee Government/Trade Association
H5A11 Zhongshan Carbon Composite Material Products Co.,Ltd. Carbon Fiber UAV assesories
H6E2 Zhuhai Aviation Industry Park Government/Trade Association
Static Display Zhuhai Hanxing General Aviation Co., Ltd. General Aviation
H6D4 Zhuhai Longhua Helicopter Science and Technology Co., Ltd. UAV/Unmanned systems
H4A5 ZHUHAI ORBITA CONTROL ENGINEERING CO., LTD aerospace chips,modules, avionics
Static Display Zhuhai Yanzhou Aircraft Corporation Ltd UAV/Unmanned systems
H9A18-1 Zhuhai Yinlong New Energy Co,. Ltd Automobile/New Energy
H9B8 Zhuhai Yunzhou Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd. UAV/Unmanned systems
H6B5-1 Zhuhai Yuren Agricultural Aviation Co., Ltd UAV/Unmanned systems
H6F3-3 Zhuhai Ziyan UAV Co., Ltd. UAV/Unmanned systems

Chinese Government and SEOs

H4B2/Chalet B12-B13 Civil Aviation Administration of China(CAAC) Government/Trade Association
H4B2 Air China Limited Airline/Transportation
H4B2 China Eastern Air Holding Co.,Ltd Airline/Transportation
H4B2 China Southern Airlines Co.,Ltd Airline/Transportation
H4B2 Civil Aviation University of China Consulting/Research
H4B2 Civil Aviation Flight University of China Consulting/Research
H4B2 China Academy of Civil Aviation Science and Technology Consulting/Research
H4B2 China National Aviation Fuel Group Corporation Fuel/Energy
H4B2 Flight Inspection Center of CAAC Consulting/Research
H4B2 Second Research Institue of CAAC,The Consulting/Research
H4B2 Civil Aviation Management Institute of China Consulting/Research
H4B2 Shanxi Civil Airport Group Airport/Infrastructure
H4B2 GuangdongLonghao Aviation Group Co,.Ltd Airport/Infrastructure
H4B2 CAAC News Media/Publication


H1A2/Chalet B16-B17/Static Display PLA Air Force Government/Trade Association


H1A1 Aviation Industry Corporation Of China (AVIC) Rocket/satellite/Space ship、Missile
H1A1 AVIC HONGDU Aviation Industry Group Limited Company (AVIC HONGDU) Aircraft Manufacturing
H1A1 AVIC Guizhou Aircraft Co. Ltd., (AVIC GAC) Aircraft Manufacturing
H1A1 AVIC Shenyang Aircraft Design & Research Institute (AVIC SADRI) Aviation
H1A1 AVIC Chengdu Aircraft Design & Research Institute (AVIC CADI) Aviation
H1A1 Luoyang Optoelectro Technology Development Center (LOEC) Aviation
H1A1 AVIC Aircraft Co.,Ltd. Aviation
H1A1 AVIC Aircraft Xi’an Branch Company Aviation
H1A1 Xi’an Aviation Brake Technology Co., Ltd. Aerosystems/brakes
H1A1 Landing- Gear Advanced Manufacturing Corp Aerosystems/landing gear
H1A1 AVICOPTER Aircraft Manufacturing
H1A1 AVIC Changhe Aircraft Industries(Group )Co., LTD (AVIC CHAIG) Aircraft Manufacturing
H1A1 AVIC Helicopter Research And Development Institute Consulting/Research
H1A1 China Flying-Dragon General Aviation CO.,LTD. General Aviation
H1A1 Tianjin Helicopter Co., Ltd. Aircraft Manufacturing
H1A1 China AVIC Avionics Systems Co., Ltd Avionics
H1A1 China AVIC Avionics Systems Co., Ltd Consulting/Research
H1A1 China AVIC Avionics Systems Co., Ltd Consulting/Research
H1A1 China AVIC Avionics Systems Co., Ltd Consulting/Research
H1A1 AVIC Leihua Electronic Technology Research Institute Consulting/Research
H1A1 AVIC Leihua Electronic Technology Research Institute Electromechanics
H1A1 Aerospace Life-Support Industries, Ltd. Aerosystems/Life Support System
H1A1 Hubei ALI Jiatai Aircraft Equipment Co., Ltd Aerosystems
H1A1 Nanjing Engineering Institute Of Aircraft Systems, Jincheng, AVIC Consulting/Research
H1A1 Nanjing Engineering Institute Of Aircraft Systems, Jincheng, AVIC airborne weapons/control systems
H1A1 Nanjing Engineering Institute Of Aircraft Systems, Jincheng, AVIC Aircraft Manufacturing
H1A1 Nanjing Engineering Institute Of Aircraft Systems, Jincheng, AVIC Consulting/Research
H1A1 AVIC GA Huanan Aircraft Institute Co.,Ltd. Aircraft Manufacturing
H1A1 CAIGA North China Aircraft Industry Co., Ltd. (“CAIGA North”) Aircraft Manufacturing
H1A1 CAIGA North China Aircraft Industry Co., Ltd. (“CAIGA North”) Consulting/Research
H1A1 Aviator Club Co.,Ltd. General Aviation
H1A1 Cessna-AVIC Aircraft (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd. Aircraft Manufacturing
H1A1 Cessna-AVIC (Shijiazhuang) Aircraft Co., Ltd. Aircraft Manufacturing
H1A1 AVIC International Holding Corporation Trading
H1A1 AVIC International Holding Corporation Trading
H1A1 AVIC International Holding Corporation Flight Simulator
H1A1 Avic Aerodynamics Rresearch Institute Consulting/Research
H1A1 China Aero-Polytechnology Establishment Consulting/Research


H3E1 Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd. (COMAC) Aircraft Manufacturing


H7A1/B5-B6 China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation(CASTC) Rocket/satellite/Space ship/Missile


H7A2/Chalet B8-B9 China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation(CASIC) Defense/Missile/Aerospace


Chalet B10-B11
China North Industries Group Corporation Defense/Weaponry


H8A1/Chalet B10-B11 China South Industries Group Corporation Defense/Weaponry


H2A1/Chalet B14/D1 China Electronics Technology Group Corporation electronic/information system/equipment


H6E3/Chalet D2-D3 China Electronics Corporation electronic/information system/equipment


H10/Chalet C1-C3 Aero Engine Corporation of China Engine