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9 August 2016
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Potential investors should not be scared off by the slowdown in China’s formerly hectic economic growth rate, but rather understand how China is transitioning to a service and consumption-driven economy and change their approach accordingly. That’s the view of Hong Kong-based foreign direct investment specialists Dezan Shira & Associates, who have just released a 2016 update to their guidebook, An Introduction to Doing Business in China.

Dezan Shira & Associates

This free publication is brief, but the articles and useful charts are clear and to-the-point. While the publishers would clearly like readers to go on to purchase their more detailed guide books, readers can obviously decide for themselves where to go for more in-depth information once they have availed themelves of the overview on offer here.

The first section, on the fundamentals of establishing and running a business, takes up fully half of the 54-pages. Not only are the various options for investment structure and how to set them up described (Joint Venture, Wholly Foreign Owned, Foreign-Invested Partnership etc.), you will also find information on making changes to an existing business, including the change from a Representative Office to a Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise.

Section 2 covers the area that may be the hardest for foreign investors to come to grips with – tax, accounting and audit issues. There are no fewer than 11 different taxes to be aware of!

The third and final section is on human resources and payroll.

This e-publication can be downloaded free of charge here.


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Rob Paix

Founder at XL Consulting
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