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We are dedicated to the quality and value we provide to our customers every day. Our expert translation staff, coupled with native speakers of the targeted language, enable us to efficiently deliver rapid, focused and cost-efficient translation solutions. This method of translation is what set the XL Translation apart and it’s what continues to please new and long-term clients today. When you work with XL Translation, you will benefit from:

  • Team based: Our expert Chinese and English native speakers and translators work together to ensure accurate, native-speaker quality translation.


ProfessionalIt is widely agreed that the best translators of technical material are bilinguals who have expertise in the particular technical area. With my Aerospace Engineering general aviation background and my long-term Chinese study, as well as my Chinese staff also working in the aviation area with me, we meet this particular criterion.


Locked FolderXL China care about the confidentiality of your documents as much as you do. We protect the security of materials sent to XL Translation by observing the confidentiality rules in every step of the project. We also create secure archives of your files to serve your future needs. Check our Terms & Conditions.

Humans Translate, Computers Assist

SoftwareWe use advanced Computer-Aided translation (CAT) tools such as “SDL Trados Studio” and “Wordfast” which help us to translate consistently and efficiently and to build up valuable language assets for our clients. The essential components of CAT tools are Term Bases and Translation Memories.

  • Term Bases are basically project-specific dictionaries which ensure that technical terms are translated consistently in accordance with project requirements

  • Translation Memories are databases of previously translated strings of text that can be recycled to the translator for consideration when an exact or fuzzy match with a new translation string is found. The translator can then reuse or modify the the existing translation as required. Since the software can predict the number and percentage of matches with phrases or sentences in an existing database, we are able to give scaled discounts on our base rate per word after analyzing any new translation text.

Format flexible

With the above mentioned software we are able to convert text in any format (Word, PDF, PowerPoint etc.) into translation editable form and then back into the source version of the original form complete with graphics and formatting.