Why Technical Translation And Editing?DSC_8866

China is playing an increasingly significant role in the world of aviation and aeronautics. China’s rise as a technological power brings with it a vast increase in the volume of technical writing, much of which needs to be translated into English: specifications and regulations, type certification data, academic papers, manuals and instructions, promotional material and advertising. To successfully communicate with the target audience – whether an English-speaking customer, a foreign regulatory body or an English-language journal – the English translation must be both lexically and technically accurate, and of the appropriate style. Understanding of a technical text is not simply a matter of terminology. Inappropriate grammar, unbalanced text structure, and too much information will give the reader or client the wrong message. Chinese airlines, aircraft designers and manufacturers, universities, and airports (among others) will need to translate documents and various other kinds of media into accurate and natural English which speaks the language of the target audience. Similarly, non-Chinese companies and organizations will have an increasing amount of material which needs to be translated into technically accurate and fluent Chinese.


How XL Aviation & Aerospace Translation Services Can Help

Translation professionals generally agree that technical translation should be carried out by those who are experts in the technical field rather than experts in translation. However, technical experts who are also multi-lingual are hard to find. At XL we believe the answer lies in teaming up technical experts who are native-speakers of Chinese and English respectively. XL’s translation and editing team can help you produce your aviation and aerospace material in technically accurate and natural sounding English or Chinese. Our lead translator/editor is a university-trained and industry experienced professional aerospace engineer. He is a native English-speaker who has studied Chinese in Beijing and has lived in China for more than six years. Our translation staff also includes university graduate bilingual Chinese nationals who work together with foreign nationals to produce the perfect translation or final edited and proofed text or audiovisual material.