Translation & Language Services


Providing high quality services in translation and localization, XL Translation meets the needs of local and global companies in the Chinese-English language pair and a wide range of subjects areas at a professional and technical level.

Staffed with experts with over a half-decade of experience in the translation sector, XL Translation adheres to quality assurance procedures. All projects are managed and brought to completion through three-step process (translation+proofreading+revision) by multilingual translators and editors who speak the target language as their native language.

  • Take your place among the privileged companies utilizing the services of XL Translation to carry out your translations in technical, medical, automotive, legal, commercial, software, finance, academic and other fields with experts in the relevant field, offering the advantages of top quality, affordable prices and short completion times.

Our Distinctives

Our DistinctiveWe are dedicated to the quality and value we provide to our customers every day. Our expert translation staff, coupled with native speakers of the targeted language, enable us to efficiently deliver rapid, focused & cost-efficient translation solutions. This method of translation is what set the XL Translation apart and it’s what continues to please new and … Read More

Our Translation Experience

Our-ExperienceUsing sector-specific software in translation and particularly localization projects, we are able to increase the quality, speed and consistency while reducing the cost of translations. In addition to procuring various file types in the same format by using such software, we are also able to complete large projects in short times by assigning a team of … Read More

Our Simple Pricing

Our-PricingWhat do you need to consider when purchasing translation and localization services? How do you determine the importance of quality, speed or cost elements ? How do you create, have translated, publish and update your documents in the most efficient way ? You can consult us on these and any other aspects of translation. XL China have a … Read More