Environmental consulting

To us, enhancing and protecting the natural environment is not just what we should do, it is what we want to do! Our team and our partners have strong and broad experience in the environment and sustainability industry spanning more than 15 years. We are committed to providing professional, cost effective and customer tailored environmental solutions and advice every time.

  • We desire that every conversation, every action and every service provided by XL Environment will deliver positive environmental outcomes to each investor, client, customer and employee. Our vision is to treasure the environment one relationship at a time.


Renewable Energy Projects & Technology

Our consultants have various consulting experience in the following area:

  • Carbon capture & storage processes
  • Methane-fired power plants (Associated with landfill Methane Management Systems)
  • Sewage & related “renewable energy power plants
  • Natural Gas-fired power plants and environmental projects considerations

Carbon PollutionCO2 & Energy Use Management

Our consultants have extensive consulting experience in the following area:

  • Carbon pollution policy development
  • Energy efficiency workshop & consultation
  • Operational control & facility boundary definition
  • Carbon pollution & energy use reporting & analysis
  • Carbon pollution & energy use data capture & measurement

Our Other ConsultingOther Consulting Services

We have extensive consulting experience in the following area:

  • Soil remediation management plans
  • Domestics and industrial solar panel technology
  • Soil environmental quality testing equipment and processes