Starting a business in China

Foreign investors often mistakenly believe that economic development is symmetrical and emerging markets are following a well-worn path that developed nations have already charted. Meanwhile, local competitors exploit their deep understanding of the domestic market to build businesses that outperform their global competitors. Developing and continuously maintaining an understanding of your market is essential to both successful market launches and growth initiatives in China.

  • Our team have an excellent consulting experience gained at international consulting firms coupled with extensive market knowledge and business networks to help clients grasp the complexities and nuances of Chinese markets. Each project is customized to your specific needs and objectives to help you develop optimal solutions for your entry and growth in the China market.
Information the “Key to Success” in China

Useful market research requires thorough, honest and candid approaches to make sure we interview the right sample, we ask the right questions and get accurate information. If you are a foreigner seeking to start a small business in China, you’ll be looking for some local advice and assistance. Business registration consultants are plentiful on the eastern seaboard of China, but as you head West the options thin out significantly. XL China is well-positioned at the gateway to Northwest China to assist in making your business concept a reality – from choosing the various options for business registration through to getting your employment-based residence permit, not to mention the annual audit and review you will be facing thereafter!

Our key consulting services includes:

  • Management Consulting
  • Partner Search & Due Diligence
  • Consumer / Customer Surveys
  • Regulatory Environment Analysis
  • Market Assessment
  • Entry Strategy Consulting
  • Location Analysis
  • Competitive Intelligence/Analysis

Contact us to ask for the password for our comprehensive breakdown of the steps to registering a wholly foreign-owned LLC or other type of company in China, available in the Client Downloads area.