Business consulting

Xi'anWe offer a full consulting service for clients looking to develop their business, attract local investment and find suitable partners in China, based off our years of experience working with the Chinese market.

XL Consulting specializes in connecting businesses with the Chinese market. We provide consulting services in a wide range of areas which include Business Development, Market Entry Strategy, Executive Search & Training, Outbound Investment, Private Equity & Investment. The Chinese markets are consistently exceeding expectations for growth and China has become a market leader across many sectors. High technology, green technology, education, automobiles, energy, real estate, and consumer goods are sectors in which XL Consulting excels.

  • XL Consulting also offers Doing Business in China seminars, which introduce the background of China’s economic rise, key cultural concepts in business and analyze successful case study models for China market entry and expansion.

Establishing a China Presence

We can provide guidance on the various business formation alternatives available in China. In China, the business structure can impact a number of areas including tax, currency repatriation, corporate governance, licenses and permits, and hiring. We can help you navigate these options to build the most efficient and productive strategy. Our team also has the experience to help you develop all-important corporate governance and expatriate policies.

Market Research

XL Consulting has developed a practical and systematic approach to help its clients reduce the risks and maximize the return on investment in the Chinese market. With our global vision, local experience and network, we can assist you to acquire valuable market information, undertake comprehensive market analysis, draw up an appropriate entry strategy, establish the best distribution channels and expand your business effectively.

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