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Aviation in China

Success in the burgeoning Chinese aviation and aerospace market will require a sound understanding of the Chinese market and applicable regulations, excellent government and public relations, and the ability to translate your product or service into the rapidly evolving Chinese regulatory framework and market conditions. Read More.


To us, enhancing and protecting the natural environment is not just something we should do, it is what we want to do! We desire that every conversation, every action and every service provided by XL Environment will deliver positive environmental outcomes to each investor, each client, each customer and each employee. Our vision is to treasure the environment one relationship at a time. Read More.

Translation services

Established to provide high quality services in translation and software localization, XL Translation meets the needs of local and global companies in the Chinese/English language pair and all subject areas at a professional level. Staffed with specialized experts with over a half-decade of experience in the translation sector, XL Translation is committed to the principles of quality assurance. Read More.


Business solutions

If you are a foreigner seeking to start a small business in China, you’ll be looking for some local advice and assistance. Business registration consultants are plentiful on the eastern seaboard of China, but as you head West the options thin out significantly. XL China is well-positioned at the gateway to Northwest China to assist in making your business concept a reality – from choosing from the various options... Read More.