CIGAC 2015 Review - a letter from the organizers

12 November 2015
12 November 2015, Comments: 0

As one of the exhibitors at the just completed China International General Aviation Convention 2015, XL Consulting received a letter of appreciation from the organizers which also included a review of the outcomes of the event. The letter has been translated into English from the original Chinese by XL’s own translation service, and the translation is provided here in this post for the interest of our clients and followers.

Dear Exhibitor Friends,


Accompanied by the autumn leaves of the aviation ancient city, the 2015 China International General Aviation Convention came to a successful conclusion. Herewith, we thank you for your participation in this year’s General Aviation Convention, and express our heartfelt thanks for your company’s support.

The 2015 General Aviation Convention was held in Xi’an, Shaanxi from 15-19 October. Convention activities were brilliant and varied: hair raising flying displays; in-depth forums and exchange on a wide range of topics; extensive participation of the general public, practical and highly-effective discussions; substantial growth in the number of exhibiting aircraft, enterprises and delegates; and comprehensive realization of our goal which was to “promote the development of general aviation and accelerate aviation industrial agglomeration.”

To sum up, the achievements of the General Aviation Convention were plentiful:

      1. The two main exhibition areas of Xi’an and Pucheng featured 130 aircraft from 28 manufacturers and 20 countries and regions including the United States, Russia, Canada, France, Italy, Australia, Lithuania, Sweden, Austria, the Czech Republic, New Zealand, and  Slovakia. In total 82 different aircraft types were on show.
      2. Static and flying displays at Pucheng Airport City involved 40 aircraft from both China and abroad, conducting as many as 84 flight performances.
      3. There were a total of 443 booths at the two major exhibition areas in Xi’an and Pucheng, an increase of more than 40 per cent over the previous event. These included 57 specially outfitted booths and 388 standard booths.
      4. The Yanliang Convention Summit and Forums brought together more than 600 representatives from government administration departments and industrial management departments, as well as aviation industry figures and general aviation experts. Forums focused on a wide range of industry related topics and exchange of ideas in areas such as the deepening reform of low-altitude airspace, general aviation industry gatherings, general aviation market promotion, future applications of general aviation, suggestions for better and faster development of the China general aviation industry, and joint exploration of ways to accelerate the development of Chinese general aviation. At the same time, there were sub-forums which launched thorough investigations of such topics as general aviation passenger and freight short-haul development, general aviation legislation, cooperative innovation in support of general aviation development in Shaanxi, and general aviation industry and airport construction.
      5. Through the concerted efforts of all parties at this Convention, a total of 89 projects worth a total of 31.4 billion yuan were signed off. These projects covered areas such as manufacture of complete general aviation aircraft,  general aviation equipment manufacturing, general aviation aircraft maintenance, general aviation operations, general aviation investment and financing, construction of general aviation infrastructure, and general aviation consulting services. It is worth mentioning that 27% of contracts signed involved general aviation aircraft manufacturing and aircraft deals. A total of 19 aircraft sales contracts were concluded for 453 aircraft  worth a combined total of nearly 2 billion yuan.

Starting in 2009 the China International General Aviation Convention has now been successfully staged four times. The substantial outcomes of these four stagings could not have been achieved without the full support and continuing trust of Convention exhibitors. For this we are deeply grateful. In order to give something back to exhibitors, we have specially drawn up a “General Aviation Convention Credit Points Appreciation Plan.” Exhibition space credit points from this year’s Convention can be used to obtain even better exhibition space at favorable prices with even more value-added services for your company at the next staging of the Convention.  At the same time, in order to help us constantly improve the services of the General Aviation Convention, we sincerely welcome your valuable comments and suggestions.

The 2017 China International General Aviation Convention will continue with “promote the development of general aviation and accelerate aviation industrial agglomeration” as its purpose, and “leading the way, inspiring the dream of flight, creating the future” as its vision,  and will strive to promote breakthrough developments in the Chinese general aviation industry.

We hope to see you again at the 2017 General Aviation Convention!


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Rob Paix

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