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5 January 2015
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5 January 2015, Comments: 0

One of the features of China’s rise in the aviation scene is the plethora of related periodicals that are now being published in the Chinese language. When I attended the China International Business Aviation Show (CIBAS) in Beijing in September last year, I was surprised to find that nearly a third of the static exhibitors were aviation publishers.  Periodicals of varying quality run the gamut from the very technical Aeronautical Manufacturing Technology (航空制造技术) published by AVIC’s media arm, to bizjet lifestyle mags such as U-Jet (billed as “The Exclusive Magazine for China’s Private Jet Owners and Users”!).

The largest stable of periodicals is that of the China Aviation Publishing & Media Company, with at least 5 different aviation-related magazines coming out under its banner.  Many news items and articles appear to be original Chinese pieces, though some are clearly translated from English. International Aviation (国际航空) includes a section from the English periodical Aviation Week & Space Technology, while  their Business & General Aviation (公务与通用航空) magazine includes translated pieces from Business & Commercial Aviation magazine.

Other magazines worth mentioning include China Aviation News’ World Flight (环球飞行) the CAAC‘s China Civil Aviation (中国民用航空).

A foreign entrant into the market is Flying China (自由飞行) magazine, which is published by German company Flying Pages GmbH in cooperation with Evergo Media.  This magazine is clearly aimed at the General and Light Sport aviation markets, with articles such as flight reports on gyrocopters, interviews with GA manufacturers and so on. Evergo Media also publishes the annual Global Flying Magazine (环球之翼), a large format 200 page technology and lifestyle magazine.

Flying China (自由飞行) magazine recently engaged XL China Translation services. XL’s technical translation team consists of bilingual aviation and aerospace professionals from China and the West. We are delighted to provide specialist translation for Flying China and look forward to ongoing collaboration.







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Rob Paix

Founder at XL Consulting
Founder and Executive Manager of XL China, Rob is originally from Australia but has lived much of his life in Asia, including 6 years in China. He particularly loves Xi’an and Western China. His varied career to date reflects his passion for aviation, travel, language and communication.

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