About XL Consulting

Terracotta Warriors XianXL Consulting was founded in 2011 in Xi’an, China by aeronautical engineer and linguaphile Rob Paix, with the assistance of business manager and adviser Jonas Gong. “XL” derives from our Chinese name, Xi Lian (西联), which literally means “West Connect.” This reflects our business mission: to build connections between China and the Western world in specific business and technical areas.

Our location in Xi’an was carefully chosen. At the height of the Tang Dynasty, in China’s golden age, Xi’an was the largest city in the world and a center for travel, study, cultural exchange, and trade. As China once again rises on the world stage, the city of Xi’an hopes to combine its rich cultural heritage with the country’s current development to create a major and modern world city in the new China. The ambitious cities of China need ambitious businesses to build informational and technological links between the Chinese and English-speaking worlds. XL Consulting provides such connections by bringing Chinese nationals and foreigners together in teamwork and cooperation.

Our services include business consulting, aviation consultingtranslation and language services and environmental consulting. Each of these fields requires skilled international teams, which XL Consulting brings together at competitive costs. Our foreign team members are well-trained in Chinese language and culture, and they hail from various English-speaking countries. Our Chinese team members consist of university graduates who are skilled in English. Together we provide excellent bilingual services which help businesses and individuals build real and personal connections between China and the West.