A slew of 'firsts' for Air Show China (Zhuhai) 2016

16 September 2016
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Source: Xinhua Net. Translated and adapted by XL Consulting

The 11th China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition (“Air Show China”) will be held from November 1-6 at Guangdong’s Zhuhai International Aviation Exhibition Center. More than 700 exhibitors from 42 countries and regions will participate, and more than 60 models and 900 pieces of active service weaponry, including aircraft, radar and missiles, will make their debut.

Zhuhai 2014 apron

Aero Engines
The China Aviation Engine Group established August 28 this year will exhibit for the first time.

New weapons and equipment such as the “Rainbow -5” large scale reconnaissance-strike integrated UAV and the LY-80N developed by the China Aerospace Technology Group will make their first public appearances. The CM-302 high-precision supersonic anti-ship missile developed by the China Aerospace Science and Industry Group will also have its first exposure at this exhibition.

Defense at Zhuhai

The China Aerospace Technology Group will take combat system applications as its main theme, and the exhibition program will be divided into geographical precision strike systems, loitering combat system networks, air defense systems, unmanned reconnaissance-strike systems, as well as air-precision strikes systems. The Falcon 80N ship-to-air missile system, WS64 launch vehicle and rocket, and the latest Rainbow 6, Rainbow 7, Rainbow 95 and solar unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as the Sparrow Hawk 1 unmanned helicopter, and others, will be shown for the first time in the defense area of the exhibition.

In a brand new feature, a large area will be opened up for dynamic demonstration of ground equipment, allowing armored tanks, defense assault vehicles and more than ten civilian pieces of equipment such as off-road vehicles to give live dynamic demonstrations. The VT-4 main battle tanks, VN12 caterpillar infantry combat vehicles and other armored vehicles from the China Weapons Industry Group will climb longitudinal slopes, cross trenches, move through pools, and conduct S-shaped maneuvers, all to demonstrate their high degree of flexibility and powerful cross-country capabilities.

A record number of foreign military aerobatic teams
Air Show China 2016 will create a record for the number of foreign military aerobatic teams at a China air show. The air forces of four countries are teaming up to show their skills on the same platform.

PLAAF August 1 Team Photo: Rob Paix

PLAAF August 1 Team

In addition to the Chinese PLA Air Force’s “August 1st” team, one of the world’s most renowned aerobatic teams, the Royal Air Force “Red Arrows” aerobatic team, will be bringing twelve Hawk T1 trainers for a first-time performance.

The Russian Air Force’s “Knights” and “Swifts” aerobatic teams will perform in composite formation, with Su-27 and Mig-29 fighters side-by-side for the “Diamond of Kubinka” stunt. This will be the first time the “Knights” and the Swifts perform in mixed formation outside the Russian Federation.

The Pakistani Air Force will also exhibit three JF-17/FC-1 “Xiaolong” multi-role fighters.

Civilian aircraft
In addition to the above-mentioned military aerobatic teams, civil aviation stars such as the Airbus A350, Gulfstream G650ER, Sukhoi Superjet 100, and Bombardier CS300 will also take the stage at this edition of the air show.

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